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CD   9 disc(s)   13-09-2019
Classical | Piano

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Maatschappij: Sony Music
Barcode: 0190758431826
Artikelcode: X83031
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Igor Levit (piano)

Igor Levit - the recent recipient of the prestigious Gilmore Artist Award and the Royal Philharmonic Society’s “Instrumentalist of the Year”- has now completed the recording of all 32 sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven. In September 2019 this mammoth studio-recording project will finally be released and leads the way for important new releases on Sony Classical for Beethoven’s 250-year anniversary.

Igor Levit, exclusive artist with Sony Classical says: "For me, this recording is a conclusion of my past fifteen years. The literally life-changing encounter with the Diabelli Variations at the age of 17, which is effectively still ongoing, the daily engagement with Beethoven's sonatas, with Beethoven as a person, with myself, with the world in which I live - all that has also led to this recording. What I started in 2013 with the last five sonatas, I can now conclude. It fills me with great happiness and at the same time feels like a new beginning. " Per Hauber, Managing Director Sony Classical says: “Every release of Igor Levit is an event in itself. That this major release is now spearheading the Beethoven anniversary celebrations will, we anticipate, launch the global festivities commemorating one of humanity’s most important artistic figures. To accompany Igor Levit on this long and wonderful path to his complete recording of the Beethoven Sonatas was an unforgettable experience for all of us at Sony Classical.”

Beethoven - Piano Sonatas Nos. 1-32:
 No. 1 in F minor, Op. 2 No. 1
 No. 2 in A major, Op. 2 No. 2
 No. 3 in C major, Op. 2 No. 3
 No. 4 in E flat major, Op. 7
 No. 5 in C minor, Op. 10 No. 1
 No. 6 in F major, Op. 10 No. 2
 No. 7 in D major, Op. 10 No. 3
 No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 'Pathetique'
 No. 9 in E major, Op. 14 No. 1
 No. 10 in G major, Op. 14 No. 2
 No. 11 in B flat major, Op. 22
 No. 12 in A flat major, Op. 26 'March Funebre'
 No. 13 in E flat major, Op. 27 No. 1 'Quasi una fantasia'
 No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2 ‘Moonlight'
 No. 15 in D major, Op. 28 'Pastorale'
 No. 16 in G major, Op. 31 No. 1
 No. 17 in D minor, Op. 31 No. 2 'Tempest'
 No. 18 in E flat major, Op. 31 No. 3 'The Hunt'
 No. 19 in G minor, Op. 49 No. 1
 No. 20 in G major, Op. 49 No. 2
 No. 21 in C major, Op. 53 'Waldstein'
 No. 22 in F major, Op. 54
 No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57 'Appassionata'
 No. 24 in F sharp major, Op. 78
 No. 25 in G major, Op. 79
 No. 26 in E flat major, Op. 81a 'Les Adieux'
 No. 27 in E minor, Op. 90
 No. 28 in A major, Op. 101
 No. 29 in B-flat major, Op. 106 'Hammerklavier'
 No. 30 in E major, Op. 109
 No. 31 in A flat major, Op. 110
 No. 32 in C minor, Op. 111

“Unbeatable Beethoven: Igor Levit sets a new standard that will be very diffi cult to surpass”
BBC Music Magazine

"The piano sound is wonderfully consistent throughout the nine discs and conveys every gradation of Levit’s pearly sound world...But there does seem to be a distinct difference of approach between the earlier deeply considered, thoughtful accounts and some of what one hears in his treatment of the earlier sonatas, where tempi seem more extreme, and the music is given less space to breathe."
The Guardian - 5th September 2019 ****