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CD   1 disc(s)   01-05-2020
World Music | Senegal

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Maatschappij: Music & Words
Barcode: 0194660796080
Artikelcode: Y89407
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Amadou Diagne & Cory Sez

Who would have guessed that a chance encounter between buskers in the streets of Bath, England more than a decade ago would lead to a new musical adventure in 2020? Amadou Diagne from Senegal and French-American Cory Seznec hit it off that Spring day, planting the seeds of a future collaboration. The album 'Touki - Right Of Passage', is a play on words that has multiple layers of meaning for Amadou and Cory. It alludes to the arduous journey millions embark on to better their lot in these times of hard borders and tall walls (including Amadou's own difficult passage in the UK), and how people undergo various rites of passage while doing so. It also reflects the more personal musical journeys that Amadou and Cory have been experiencing both together and individually as outliers in their fields.

1. Samba 04:42
2. Yaye Bouye 04:32
3. Tirailleur 03:51
4. Yaen Yalay 01:50
5. Xam Xam 03:29
6. Diamono 03:28
7. Rumba On The Canal 02:54
8. Waxtaan 02:29
9. Machallah 04:35
10. Mbaguel 03:50
11. Meeting At The Roots 04:26
12. Aduna 03:20
13. My Daughter 03:08